The unknown forest Collection set of 3

About the print

Experience the thrill of exploring a wild and unknown forest

These paintings are a celebration of the natural beauty found in nature. Bring the beauty of wild nature inside your home and fall in love with the natural world all over again.

This collection will transport you to the mountains, where your heart is full of natural wonder. You might feel as if it’s alone in this forest at night with only winds blowing between rocks and green trees for company!



These paintings are a celebration of nature and the colors found in rocks, soil, and snow. The combination is both elegant and simple; it makes for artwork you can’t help but fall head over heels with!
A collection with the colors of earth and snow and organic textures to represent nature untouched by man.
These paintings are a joy to behold, with their earthy colors and beautiful shapes. With the beautiful and serene scenery of this nature Conservation, we can feel at one with ourselves.
The colors of nature are so beautiful. They speak to me through their endless shades and textures, telling stories about what they’ve seen in this world we call home!
These three paintings invite you to explore your wild side and find new avenues of adventure. A series that resonates with the hidden natural self we all possess, but sometimes need a little help finding!
The force of nature caught in an instant as it gusted through the mountains, sending water crashing down onto rocks below.
The world is so much more than what we see with our senses. There are places that even the most daring person wouldn’t want to go, and depths in this ocean that will always remain hidden from man’s view.
The wilderness is a place of mystery and exploration. It’s not just beyond our everyday life, it sits beneath the waves in both distant depths or close to home on islands where we’ve never been before, waiting for you!
This is a collection for those who treasure the wild and natural world. It reminds us that no matter how much we urbanize our lives, there’s still so much out there worth exploring in nature!
The glacier
IT is a beautiful and dramatic scene among the rocks, The majestic, ancient glacier with elegant lines that give off an organic feel and depth.
Steep Walls
The mountain’s steep walls are revealed in the sunlight, showing dark and light layers. An organic line contrasts this wall to create magic that balances out the composition.
Dark heart
Dark earth alternate with snow and rocks to create an abstract composition, furrowed by unexpected lines.

ATTENTION: Frame not included

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