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Original watercolor painting Amour-propre

“Amour-propre” is a captivating and evocative watercolor painting that captures an intensely emotional moment in a woman’s life. The artwork embodies the power of self-love and inner strength, as the subject emanates a brilliant aura of gold particles of energy, reminiscent of a flower releasing its pollen to the world around it. This mesmerizing scene represents the vitality and resilience of the female spirit, while highlighting the inherent beauty and grace that every woman possesses.

As part of the Radiance Collection, “Amour-propre” is a stunning watercolor portrait that masterfully blends a rich tapestry of colors with the ethereal shimmer of gold leaf. Each brushstroke is meticulously executed, revealing the delicate and intricate nature of the medium. The artist’s skillful technique allows the viewer to experience a sense of depth and movement within the piece, creating a truly immersive experience.

The Radiance Collection

The Radiance Collection delves into the exploration of the energy and aura that women emit, recognizing their powerful presence and the impact they have on the world. Each piece in this series is an ode to the strength, beauty, and resilience that define the female experience, celebrating the unique qualities that every woman possesses. By combining the soft, fluid nature of watercolor with the opulent glow of gold leaf, the artist has expertly created a visual language that eloquently communicates the essence of feminine radiance.

The medium

“Amour-propre” is a testament to the artist’s mastery of the watercolor technique, widely recognized as one of the most challenging mediums in the world of painting. Due to the unforgiving nature of watercolor, any mistakes made during the creative process are nearly impossible to rectify, demanding a high level of precision and skill from the artist. This inherent delicacy and vulnerability of the medium imbue the artwork with a unique and captivating charm.

In this exquisite piece, the artist’s mastery of watercolor becomes an integral part of the narrative, underscoring the fragility and strength that coexist within the human spirit. The inherent challenges of working with watercolor are transformed into a powerful metaphor for the resilience and determination that define the female experience, making “Amour-propre” an exceptional and deeply moving work of art.

The frame

The artwork is elegantly presented, encased within a generous matboard border and a gracefully crafted wooden frame. The delicate yet striking design of the frame complements the painting, accentuating its beauty and charm.


We are pleased to offer worldwide shipping for this exquisite piece, ensuring its safe and secure delivery to your destination. The painting will be meticulously packaged in a custom-made crate, specifically designed to provide optimal protection and preservation during transit.

Dimensions 22 × 32 in



Arches® Aquerelle 100% Cotton





The painting Amour-propre captures a poignant moment for a woman, evoking powerful emotions. She appears to radiate golden particles of energy, akin to a flower spreading pollen.


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22 × 32 in

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This watercolor painting portrait is part of the Radiance Collection. An exclusive artwork made with delicate strokes of color and gold leaf.

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