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Introduction to The Radiance Collection

Women are the center of the universe.
They emanate energy and vitality that makes everything around them blossom.

This collection is the result of an exploration of the female energy that shines through each woman.

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Symbolism and Meaning

Reflections on Resilience and the Role of Women

The “Radiance” collection by Alex Righetto celebrates the unique feminine energy, presenting women as radiant figures in a blend of brightness and golden hues.

It honors the female figure, often overlooked in society, through a fusion of fairy-tale and surreal elements, with floral motifs symbolizing women’s beauty and strength.

The collection, while paying tribute to women’s resilience, also addresses serious issues like human trafficking, using art as a tool for social awareness and change. This artistic endeavor not only offers hope and renewal but also inspires action against exploitation and abuse.

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The Golden Progenitor

The core piece of the radiance collection is a Watercolor on Arches paper, depicting a young woman. Her delicate profile creates a strong contrast with the golden wave of energy that propagates from the center to the outside.

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The Emergence of a Queen

The emergence of a queen is a powerful representation of an African woman. The hat becomes a flower that radiates gold and orange petals.

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Angelic Cherubic

“Angelic Cherubic,” from the Radiance Collection’s 2021 lineup, is a watercolor painting that reflects a calm yet resilient femininity. Showcased in Miami and Tampa, its subtle gradients of pink and accents of gold celebrate inner beauty and spirituality, contrasting with the grim reality of human trafficking.

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Amour-propre is a powerful painting depicting a deep emotional moment for a woman. Like a flower emanates pollen she radiates gold particles of energy .

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Lady and Flamingo

A young woman stands at the center of an enchanted and almost magical world, surrounded by a cloud of delicate flower petals. With a direct and penetrating gaze, she stares at the viewer, conveying a sense of strength and mystery.

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The Guardian

“The Guardian,” an exceptional piece from the 2023 Radiance Collection, is a 4 x 48 x 72 inches oil painting on canvas.

Presented at a solo exhibition in Miami, this collection serves as a bold artistic statement against human trafficking, an issue often shrouded in silence yet represents a form of modern-day slavery.

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“Resilience,” a 2023 artwork from the “Radiance” collection, portrays a girl with a provocative gaze and a fierce beast behind her, symbolizing the often-overlooked strength and delicacy of the contemporary female figure.

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