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Introduction to The Radiance Collection

Women are the center of the universe.They emanate energy and vitality that makes everything around them blossom.

My name is Alex and I am an Italian Artist. Today I want to bring you with me on a journey that explores the Radiance collection.

This brand new collection is the result of a sparkling new exploration of the female energy that shines through each woman.

The brand new collection, entitled Radiance, is the product of a fresh exploration into the radiant energy embodied by every woman. The collection features ten captivating female figures depicted in delicate watercolor and gold leaf, resulting in a dazzling display of brightness and color.

The paintings serve as a source of inspiration and an opportunity to elevate the atmosphere of any space. Women are at the core of the universe, emanating an energy and vitality that has the power to invigorate and awaken everything around them.

Radiance serves as a celebration of this energy, the brightness that emanates from every woman. Unlike sound, light can travel through empty space, and so women have the ability to spread their inner radiance through everything, even the void.

This act of energy propagation not only spreads brightness, but also causes growth and amplification. Each painting in the Radiance collection embodies the seminal energy that radiates and illuminates, serving as a testament to the enduring power of the female spirit.

The Golden Progenitor

The core piece of the radiance collection is a Watercolor on Arches paper, depicting a young woman. Her delicate profile creates a strong contrast with the golden wave of energy that propagates from the center to the outside.

watercolor painting portrait yellow rose woman 07912 scaled uai

The Emergence of a Queen

The emergence of a queen is a powerful representation of an African woman. The hat becomes a flower that radiates gold and orange petals.


Angelic Cherubic

A delicate watercolor on Arches paper, depicting a woman and a flower. Rays of energy and particles of gold radiates from the center, creating a propagation of waves.



Amour-propre is a powerful painting depicting a deep emotional moment for a woman. Like a flower emanates pollen she radiates gold particles of energy .