Oil painting by Alex Righetto depicting abstract forms and colors blending together, evoking a sense of imperfection and transient beauty.

Fading – Abstract Portrait – Oil on Canvas

About this artwork

Dimensions 4 × 27.5 × 39.5 in


Exhibition History

Gallerie Hamilton – Cannes France, Merlino Gallery Florence


Floater Frame, White wood Frame

Location of the Artwork





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“Fading” evokes a gentle journey into the ephemeral, articulated through the medium of oil on a 27.5 x 39.5-inch canvas. Created in 2023 and housed under the “Perfectly Imperfect” collection, the piece gently marries abstraction, female form, and delicate florals into a single, evocative portrait.

Having graced walls from Gallerie Hamilton in Cannes, France, to Merlino Gallery in Florence, Italy, it now resides in Italy, framed beautifully within a white wood floater frame, whispering tales of transient beauty and subtle vanishing into the petals of abstract blossoms.

More on this painting

“Fading” is an artwork where moments, memories, and blooms intertwine into a seamless dance between vivid existence and gentle disappearance. The piece, transcending the boundaries between abstraction and figuration, depicts the silhouette of a female form, seemingly blending or perhaps, fading, into a delicate tapestry of abstract florals. Within the fragile boundary where the figurative meets the abstract, the artwork finds its poignant message of temporality and the evanescent nature of beauty and existence.

Each stroke reveals the transformation of form into the formless, drawing viewers into contemplation of existence, impermanence, and the breathtaking beauty found within moments poised on the cusp of vanishing. Despite its title and theme, “Fading” etches an everlasting imprint, encapsulating a timeless beauty that remains imperishable amid the fleeting whispers of the painted florals and the gently dissolving form.

Immortalized within oil and canvas, the artwork becomes a perpetual reminiscence, a space where viewers can continually return, discovering new fragments of emotion, interpretation, and beauty with each engagement.

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