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Dimensions 1.5 × 21 × 23 in


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8.5 x 6.5 in

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“This watercolor abstract portrait is dedicated to my mother Gabriella. It’s an abstract portrait that shows her strength and resilience”.

This moment captured in time is brought to life by the colors of cascading light.  Enhanced with an intricately designed frame that sets this piece apart from any other work of art, Gabriella resides over your mantle where she watches all who enter your domain calmly while delicately set against her serene surroundings. No matter what you’re feeling at the time – warm joyousness or deep melancholy – it will be relentless with such beauty that no doubt, you’ll find comfort and inspiration as you look into those eternal eyes for answers once again.

Enhanced by its frame, this work of art is sure to make you feel as though you are standing before the subject herself. A beautiful homage to your loved one.

The artwork is painted on high-quality paper, which allows for rich colors and dynamic brushwork. It has the beauty of an art gallery piece with the convenience of a ready to hang work of art.

This watercolor painting by Alex Righetto is a tribute to his mother – a woman who taught us how to love unconditionally, borne from Catholic philosophy.

Consider adding this painting into your home as a reminder that all good things happen together with great challenges!

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I love art. I'm passionate about figurative art and Italian culture. I was born and raised in Verona Italy, and I spent the last four years outside Italy to travel in London, New York, and Miami.

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