An abstract oil painting by Alex Righetto, part of the 'Perfectly Imperfect' collection, depicting a contemplative figure.

The Thinker – Abstract Portrait – Oil on Canvas

About this artwork

Dimensions 4 × 16 × 19.5 in



Exhibition History

Gallerie Hamilton – Cannes France, Merlino Gallery Florence


Floater Frame, White wood Frame


Location of the Artwork



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“The Thinker” melds abstraction and contemplation within the confines of a 16 x 19.5-inch canvas, crafting a thought-provoking narrative through oil and conceptual vigor. Conceived in 2023 and placed meticulously within the “Perfectly Imperfect” collection, this piece has been exhibited notably at Gallerie Hamilton, Cannes, France, before finding its home in Italy. Enshrouded by a white wood floater frame, the artwork presents an abstract expressionist take on the female form and figurative elements, rendering thoughts visually perceptible through abstract dalliances of color and form.

More on this painting

In “The Thinker,” an amalgamation of abstract expressionism and figuration convenes, illustrating a reflective journey that is both visually and conceptually evocative. Here, abstraction does not stray far from figuration but rather employs it as a conduit to navigate the intricate terrains of contemplation and internal dialogue. The piece toys with the paradox of thought made visible, materializing introspection through the interplay of vibrant hues and deliberate strokes.

The canvas becomes a battlefield between form and the formless, where structured thoughts dissolve into abstract musings, and where the concrete gradually gives way to the ethereal. As observers peer into the abstract folds of “The Thinker,” they find themselves precipitated into a boundless space of contemplation, where each hue and form gives birth to new interpretations and reflections. The female figure, often associated with beauty and softness, is given an additional layer of depth, emerging as a conduit for thought, philosophy, and profound introspection.

“The Thinker,” therefore, is not simply a visual feast but an intellectual expedition, inviting observers to traverse through realms of thought, continually reshaping their understandings and perspectives as they delve deeper into the abstract embodiment of contemplation presented before them. In this entity of oil and canvas, thoughts unbridled are rendered eternal, inviting all who encounter it into a perpetual dialogue with the intangible and the ineffable.

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