Original mixed media artwork 'La Parisienne' by Alex Righetto, featuring an 18 x 24 inch vertical depiction of Parisian charm, part of the Studio Collection.

“La parisienne” Pencils on paper – original artwork

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Matte Paper

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18 x 24 in


“La Parisienne” emerges as a meticulously crafted piece, reflecting the allure and sophistication of its namesake city. Executed primarily in pencils, the artwork resonates with the subtle nuances and timeless charm of Parisian elegance.

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Spanning a size of 18 x 24 inches, this vertical wall art stands out, not just for its detailed rendering but also for the tangible passion poured into each stroke. The choice of mixed media alongside pencils on matte paper adds depth and texture, allowing “La Parisienne” to capture the viewer’s imagination and transport them to the streets of Paris.

Its distinguished placement in the “Studio Collection” attests to its significance and caliber. Framed to accentuate its beauty, the artwork also features a signature on the lower left, authenticating its originality.

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