The new collection

Perfectly Imperfect

The “Perfectly Imperfect” collection features a series of artworks created in 2023. The collection’s exhibition history spans the United States, France, the UK, and Italy, including venues in Miami, Cannes, Sanremo, Florence, Milan, and London.

2022 - 2023 collection

Radiance Collection

The Radiance Collection is a brand-new series of artworks created in 2022. This collection explores the concept of women radiating special energy, with each piece showcasing the unique and powerful energy that emanates from women.

2022 - 2023 collection

Renaissance Collection

The Renaissance Collection features a series of artworks created between 2022-2023. These pieces are created to celebrate and reinterpret the Renaissance period, sometimes with a modern twist.
One of the highlights of this collection is Mona Lisa’s Daughter, which adds a new perspective to the iconic painting.

2021 collection

Rebirth Collection

The Rebirth Collection is a series of original pieces created by the artist using watercolor or pencils. These artworks mark the first-ever pieces produced by the artist after 2021 and are not centered around a singular theme. However, the value of this collection lies in the fact that it represents the artist’s rebirth.

2021 - 2023 collection

Studio Collection

The Studio Pieces is a series of original artworks that are not part of any specific collection. These pieces are created by the artist as a way to explore different techniques or potential avenues for their work. As such, these artworks are not typically showcased or displayed.
Most of these pieces are done in watercolor, and they offer a glimpse into the artist’s creative process and experimentation.

2021 collection

Romeo and Juliet Collection

The Romeo and Juliet Collection features a series of completed and framed artworks. This collection was featured as the official artwork for Art Basel 2021, adding to its significance and value.

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