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The Kiss, Watercolor

About this artwork

Dimensions 1.5 × 19.5 × 23 in



Location of the Artwork



Equipped with UV Museum Glass, Framed



Painting size

8 x 11.5 in



, ,


Exclusive mother of pearl frame


Matte Paper

Exhibition History

Solo Exhibition St. Pete FL 2021


The watercolor “The Kiss,” created in 2021 and a part of the “Rebirth” collection, encapsulates a moment of love imbued with delicacy and intimacy. The artist’s skillful use of watercolor crafts an ethereal image, with soft contours and hues that gently blend together, while the palette of refined colors enhances the romantic and dreamlike atmosphere of the work.

More on this painting

The painting in question is a watercolor that delicately and sensitively depicts the suspended and intimate moment of a kiss between two lovers.

The technique used by the artist gives the image an ethereal and soft aspect, with blurred contours that seem to dissolve into the air. The soft colors and the choice of a limited palette accentuate the romantic and dreamlike atmosphere of the work. The work is presented in a mother-of-pearl frame that adds a touch of elegance and refinement, highlighting the purity and simplicity of the design.

This watercolor could be seen as a preliminary study, an emotional exploration in preparation for a broader series of works, like the one dedicated to “Romeo and Juliet,” suggesting that the artist has explored the theme of love in multiple facets in his subsequent creations.

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