Watercolor painting 'Angelic Cherubic' by Alex Righetto, part of the Radiance Collection, featuring soft pink shades and golden accents in a 22 x 32 inch vertical format.

Angelic Cherubic

About this artwork

Dimensions 4 × 36 × 48 in



Equipped with UV Museum Glass, Framed


Red Wood Frame



Painting size

22 x 32 in


Arches® Aquerelle 100% Cotton





Exhibition History

Priano, Tampa Fl 2022, Solo Exhibition House of Arts 2023 Miami


“Angelic Cherubic,” created in 2021 and a key part of the Radiance Collection, is a watercolor work marked by its expressive delicacy and serenity.
Displayed in Miami and Tampa, the piece captures the artist’s vision to elevate and depict feminine radiant energy with the fluidity and clarity of watercolor.
The soft pink shades and golden accents merge into a visual dance that beckons contemplation.

Through this collection, the artist seeks to provide a visual narrative that celebrates inner light and spiritual strength, in defiance of the shadows cast by contemporary social themes.

More on this painting

“Angelic Cherubic” stands as a symbol of subtle resilience, a tribute to purity and innate beauty that withstands the trials of the world.
The artwork belonging to the 2021 Radiance Collection and exhibited in Miami and Tampa, represents the artist’s endeavor to unveil lightness and purity through art.

This piece, with its roseate nuances and gold flecks, mirrors a vision of ethereal and formidable femininity, embodied in the calmness and innocence of a cherub. The collection aspires to delve into and exalt inner fortitude and spiritual loveliness, starkly contrasting with the exploitation of the female image online and the alarming issue of human trafficking, a deeply troubling matter.

With “Angelic Cherubic,” the artist offers a gaze of hope and reflection, a call to the resilience and robust beauty within the human soul.

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