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Original watercolor painting portrait Angelic Cherubic

“Angelic Cherubic” is a captivating watercolor painting, skillfully rendered on the finest Arches paper, that poetically captures the transcendent connection between a woman and a flower. The composition draws the viewer in, weaving a tale of innocence and divine beauty through the harmonious blend of light and color.

The heart of this mesmerizing piece features rays of vibrant energy and glistening particles of gold radiating from the center, creating a mesmerizing propagation of waves that symbolize the interconnectedness of all living beings. These swirling patterns of energy and light envelop the woman and the flower, casting a sense of unity and spiritual grace upon the scene.

The medium

Each brushstroke in “Angelic Cherubic” is meticulously executed, revealing the artist’s dedication to their craft and their vision of a world where love and compassion reign supreme. The painting is proudly signed by the artist on the front, attesting to its authenticity and the creator’s personal touch.

To further enhance the artwork’s innate elegance, it is encased within an exquisite, custom-made Italian frame, which perfectly complements the painting’s delicate aesthetic. The frame is both a testament to the artist’s attention to detail and a reflection of their commitment to preserving the painting’s beauty for generations to come.

For added protection against the damaging effects of ultraviolet light, the painting is equipped with UV-resistant glass, ensuring that the rich colors and intricate details remain vibrant and true over time.

“Angelic Cherubic” is an enchanting work of art that invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world where the spiritual and the material realms intertwine, offering a timeless message of hope, harmony, and the eternal nature of love.


We are pleased to offer worldwide shipping for this exquisite piece, ensuring its safe and secure delivery to your destination. The painting will be meticulously packaged in a custom-made crate, specifically designed to provide optimal protection and preservation during transit.

Dimensions 4 × 36 × 48 in


Orange, Red





Interior Design Style

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Location of the Artwork


Mother's day gifts art, Personal epiphany


Painting size

22 x 32 in


Arches® Aquerelle 100% Cotton








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Artwork Size

A delicate watercolor on Arches paper, depicting a woman and a flower. Rays of energy and particles of gold radiates from the center, creating a propagation of waves. The painting is signed in the front,

framed with an Italian custom frame and equipped with UV protection glass.


This watercolor painting portrait is part of the Radiance Collection. An exclusive artwork made with delicate strokes of color and gold leaf.

About this artwork

Gold Leaf, Watercolor
4 × 36 × 48 in

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A delicate watercolor on Arches paper, depicting a woman and a flower. Rays of energy and particles of gold radiate from the center, creating a propagation of waves. The painting is signed in the…

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