Watercolor portrait of 'Old Man Domenico' by Alex Righetto, depicting an elderly man with deep blue eyes and a storied face, framed in an exclusive brown wood frame, symbolizing a personal narrative intertwined with global history.

Old Man “Domenico” Watercolor

About this artwork

Dimensions 4 × 36 × 60 in



Location of the Artwork






Painting size

10 x 12 in



Arches® Aquerelle 100% Cotton

Exhibition History

Solo Exhibition St. Pete FL 2021


Exclusive brown wood frame


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“Domenico” gracefully unfolds a vibrant cascade of narratives, emotions, and historic epochs through the delicate yet expressive medium of watercolor. A portrait of Alex’s grandfather, a resilient survivor of the turbulent waves of World War II, the artwork whispers tales of endurance, time, and memory across generations. Encased within an exclusive brown wood frame, the original 10 x 12-inch painting becomes a sweeping visual memoir, expanding across 4 × 36 × 60 inches upon its thoughtful display.

“Domenico” transcends being a mere portrayal of an individual, morphing into a sublime portal into the depths of history, personal tales, and the unspoken narratives that linger within every fold of time. It exists as a gentle nod towards survival, a recognition of times passed, and a personal touch to the sweeping hand of global events, silently enveloping every beholder in its heartfelt embrace.

More on this painting

Through the finely rendered features of Domenico’s visage, the painting gently cradles stories of a bygone era, becoming not only a homage to Alex’s grandfather but a silent, vivid testament to history and survival. The gentle undulations of watercolor across the Arches® Aquarelle 100% Cotton subtly narrate a tapestry woven with threads of resilience, memories, and the silent echoes of a war-touched past.

Domenico, with eyes reflecting tales of yesteryears and wrinkles etched by time and experience, becomes a tangible connection to global history, personalizing the collective memory of a war that shaped generations. His portrait stands as an eloquent narrative, intertwining personal and collective histories, enveloping viewers in a gentle embrace of reflection, memory, and timeless continuity.

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