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Romeo & Juliet

The Metamorphosis we all have to go through with our love and life partner, the shattering of our own selfish darkness we ALL have to make, in order to actually find and keep true love in life.

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Why choosing Alex Righetto Fine art

The Artist's Journey

Hi, I’m Alex and I am an Italian artist.

I studied art for decades and attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy. The only reason I do art is to inspire the world. I believe artists have one of the toughest jobs and it’s almost a mission.
In my case, art gives me the opportunity to talk about the rich culture that I was so fortunate to be immersed in, growing up in Northern Italy, Verona.
I believe that culture matters and I want to be a carrier of this rich history, back to the world through my artwork. I want to inspire people to start their own quest for beauty.

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Introducing my permanent gallery

Partnership with Priano Design Center

Introducing my new permanent gallery in one of the most amazing design centers in America: Priano.

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Artist Blog

About Alex

Alex is one of the most promising artists on the contemporary art scene. He recently became a resident artist in Priano, and his work has been featured in several exhibitions, like Miami Art Basel.

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