Oil painting by Alex Righetto from the 'Perfectly Imperfect' collection, featuring a portrait of a woman with an abstract and emotive style.

Unnamed woman – Abstract Portrait – Oil on Canvas

About this artwork

Dimensions 4 × 24 × 36 in


Exhibition History

Solo Exhibition House of Arts 2023 Miami

Location of the Artwork



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“Unnamed Woman” stretches across a 24 x 36-inch canvas, inviting viewers into a world where abstraction and figuration meld into a singular, cohesive entity. Nestled within the “Perfectly Imperfect” collection and inaugurated in 2023, this oil on canvas piece poses an intriguing enigma wrapped within the abstracted portrait of a woman. Previously displayed at the House of Arts in Miami, 2023, the artwork floats in a private collection, exuding its secretive allure and unrevealed depths.

More on this painting

In “Unnamed Woman,” abstraction and figuration meet in a kaleidoscopic swirl of colors and shapes, sketching the semblance of a female entity while maintaining an intentional obscurity that veils her identity. The work explores the myriad facets of femininity through an abstract lens, choosing to celebrate every hue, every stroke, and every undefined line as a testament to the multifaceted nature of womanhood itself.

The artwork’s existence within the “Perfectly Imperfect” collection further solidifies its thematic resonance, exploring how the imprecision of abstraction perfectly marries the complexity and mystery of its subject matter.

Every glance towards this piece reveals something previously unseen, making “Unnamed Woman” a perpetual discovery of interpretation, emotion, and aesthetic appreciation.

Through layers of oil and canvas, the unnamed woman whispers untold stories, forever capturing imaginations and evoking uncharted emotional landscapes in its perceiver.

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