blonde watercolor giulia

Francesca twin brunette Original Watercolor

About this artwork

Dimensions 1 × 22 × 28.5 in





Location of the Artwork




Painting size

14 x 20.5 in



Gold leaf Frame

Exhibition History

Solo Exhibition St. Pete FL 2021


“Francesca” illustrates an evocative presentation of twin brunette figures rendered in watercolor, culminating in a piece that converges technique and narrative. Belonging to the “Rebirth” collection and created in 2021, the painting measures 14 x 20.5 inches and is elegantly encapsulated within a gold leaf frame. Previously showcased in a solo exhibition in St. Pete, FL, in 2021, this framed vertical wall art invites exploration into themes of sisterhood, identity, and parallel existence.

More on this painting

Francesca resides within the collection titled “Rebirth,” a curation that seemingly delves into aspects of renewal, growth, and reflection, spanning diverse subjects and motifs. This particular piece employs a watercolor medium to exquisitely capture the softness and depth in the features of the twin brunette figures, exploring their likeness and divergence simultaneously.

The nuanced use of watercolors allows for a gentleness to pervade through the visuals, granting the subjects a certain vulnerable transparency while also curating an atmosphere of silent, introspective strength. Positioned in a vertical format and encased in a meticulously crafted gold leaf frame, Francesca becomes not just a portrayal but a capsule of a moment, a snapshot that allows for contemplation and reflection.

Shown at a solo exhibition in St. Pete, FL, in 2021, Francesca has already initiated dialogues with audiences, allowing them to dive deep into the silent conversation between the twins, and perhaps, find a mirror reflecting aspects of their own narratives and introspections. This piece invites viewers not only to observe but to immerse themselves into a layered world where symmetry and contrast coexist in a delicate balance. The framed piece, housed in the US, continues to resonate through its subtle yet poignant expression of interconnected identities, navigating through existence in a parallel and yet distinct pathway.

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