Two unforgettable evenings in July marked the opening of my art solo exhibition in Miami.

A large turnout came to admire my new works and witness a unique and extraordinary live performance, featuring the Mona Lisa’s Daughter

At the start of the evening, during the opening of the exhibition, the atmosphere was electrifying. The crowd gathered at the entrance, with a palpable sense of anticipation in the air. Excited guests chatted amongst themselves, admiring the setup while waiting for the doors to open. The dim lighting and elegant decor of the gallery created a welcoming and sophisticated environment, perfectly highlighting the artworks on display.

New Paintings

In addition to the “Mona Lisa’s Daughter,” I debuted “The Guardian,” “Resilience,” “Unnamed Woman,” and many other pieces.

These works belong to four different collections: “Renaissance Collection,” “Radiance,” the very first piece of the new “Perfectly Imperfect” collection, and a triptych from the “Studio Collection.”

Opening Night

Around 200 people attended the opening night. The crowd gathered at the entrance as the curator and gallery owner introduced the exhibition.

Among the guests were many local celebrities, influencers, and even a journalist from RAI, a major Italian television channel.

A review of the exhibition

Closing Night

The closing night was more intimate, with about 70 people attending on a warm evening in late July. I had the opportunity to give a tour of my works and explain the concepts behind “Mona Lisa’s Daughter” and the “Radiance” collection.

I was delighted to reconnect with many friends and collectors who attended both events. I have a strong bond with Miami, as I believe it has a truly vibrant and inspiring art scene.

Click to see the gallery. A big thanks to Isa Totah for the pictures.

Throughout the event, there was a sense of community and shared passion for art, with Alex at the center, acting not only as the creator but also as an enthusiastic guide to the rich narratives his work embodies.

” Alex Righetto, an outstanding Italian artist, arrived in Florida to evoke a contemporary Renaissance feeling, thanks to the softness of his images and the expressive looks of the characters he paints.”

— Marie Hernández, CEO

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“The Alex Righetto exhibit is an excellent show, and his explanations of his creations were inspirational”

— Justin Molis, Entrepreneur

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When Art History and the Contemporary Align

A Conversation with Luciane R. N. Garcez
Professor at the University of the State of Santa Catarina – UDESC -, Florianopolis, Brazil.
Independent art critic, curator, and artist.

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What’s next in Miami?

My next engagement in Miami will be during Art Basel in December 2023. This will be an excellent opportunity to dive back into the city’s dynamic art scene.

Obtain complimentary VIP tickets for 5-day access to both Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami fairs.

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