Occasionally I personally perform the delivery of a job. In fact, this practice has become quite common in recent months. Proudly I can say that I have made deliveries to several continents.

On this occasion, I delivered two limited edition prints belonging to the collection “Romeo & Juliet: The Metamorphosis.”

Here is the video of the delivery of the two prints.

The words expressed in the video led me to deep reflections:

“Art introduces a spiritual element into a home, not just being decorative.
It is essential to have art in one’s space as it elevates one to a higher emotional level.
Offering superior excitement to be experienced day by day.”


It is a very touching message that I am pleased to spread. In fact, I have often debated the meaning of art and what it represents to people.

In this case, the power of art lies in elevating the person to a higher emotional level, just as the collector points out.

The Collection of Romeo and Juliet: The Metamorphosis

In this collection, the focus is not on the love between these lovers destined for tragedy (as in the original story), but rather on a reflection on the personal transformations each of us must face in order to maintain a relationship.

Indeed, in the video I deliver prints of two key paintings:

Original artwork 'The Balcony' by Alex Righetto, from the Romeo and Juliet Collection, featuring a 28 x 42 inch vertical painting depicting Romeo and Juliet's iconic balcony scene.

The Balcony Scene

‘The Balcony Scene’ takes as its subject one of the most famous love confessions in art history. Before this fateful meeting, Romeo is lovesick and Juliet has taken control of her life after being betrothed to someone she does not love. This painting seeks to capture the fervor and anxiety of love at first sight, and to convey the enchantment of Romeo and Juliet’s love.

artwork light and shadows

Lights and shadows

In the work, love shines with the symbolic power of the rose, which emerges as the brightest and most dominant element in the composition. Juliet holds this rose close to her, which seems to possess the ability to banish her darkness and spread a purifying light, thus dispelling negative energies.
The image deeply underscores the concept that love, both toward oneself and others, is the essence and catalyst of true and lasting transformation.

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