Having left Miami Art Week behind and taken some time for myself, something that hadn’t happened this year, here I am with an article about the recent event in Miami.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who downloaded tickets for Red Dot Miami and came to greet me. I apologize to those who didn’t find me at the event.

I want to thank the community that has formed through my social media and mailing list.

In this article, I examine the events that occurred, almost like a sort of post-game conference.

There have been so many opportunities this year to see my work and participate in an event

Miami, London, Milan, Florence, Sanremo, Cannes. The opportunities to see my paintings live have been numerous and in various locations.

This required a considerable effort in terms of logistics, air travel, and other organizational aspects.

The most memorable events include the presentation in New York of the ‘Mona Lisa’s daughter‘, my solo exhibition in Miami during the summer, and the event in Sanremo, where I had the honor of meeting Vittorio Sgarbi, the Italian secretary of Culture.

The Art Week in Miami

Having attended the fair for several years now, I have developed my opinion about Art Week in Miami. ‘I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe’, to quote a movie that perfectly expresses my state of mind.

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A week characterized by excesses, dazzling events, and showers of millions of dollars that inevitably end up in the pockets of rich galleries.

The city comes alive with events and people, and it’s virtually possible to be everywhere, given the abundance.

The painting that my team and I chose this year to represent my activity is ‘The Guardian‘.

A fitting choice, judging by the public’s reaction. Shakira and other VIPs attended, further celebrating it.

What was sold

Some paintings were sold, and I apologize to those who, at the last minute, were unable to see my works (yes, that happened as well).

I am overjoyed that this painting ended up in the hands of my friend, a wonderful person whom I admire greatly. He is a great lawyer who recently defended Kanye West.

Artist Alex Righetto on the left, presenting the framed painting 'The Kiss' to Nicholas Gravante on the right, at Spectrum Miami 2023.
Honored to deliver 'The Kiss' (2021) to Nicholas Gravante, a friend and new patron of the arts, at Spectrum Miami 2023

The painting has a special value because it represents the preliminary study that then led me to the creation of ‘Romeo and Juliet‘.


Thank you

In conclusion, my experience in this year rich in artistic events, which took me from Miami to New York, from London to Cannes, and beyond, has been unforgettable. Every city, every event, every meeting has been a fundamental piece in the mosaic of my artistic career. Art Week in Miami, in particular, was a crossroads of cultures, ideas, and extraordinary meetings, a true microcosm of contemporary art.

My gratitude towards everyone who participated, followed, and supported my artistic journey, both in person and virtually, is immense.

Every smile, every comment, every gesture of appreciation has been a source of inspiration and motivation to continue exploring new artistic horizons.

Ultimately, I do this for the spectator, for those who wish to be fascinated by art and through it find elevation.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you for this extraordinary year.

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