September and October 2023 were months of fervent activity and crucial meetings with local political authorities. The goal? To bring the renowned “Romeo and Juliet” collection to Italy, specifically to Verona.

The First Step: The Meeting with Mayor Orfeo Pozzani

Thanks to the introduction by Roberta, a friend, and passionate art collector, I had the privilege of speaking with Mayor Orfeo Pozzani. Our discussion focused on the shared vision of bringing this extraordinary collection to the city that gave birth to the world’s most famous love story.

Created in 2021, the collection was exhibited with great success during Art Basel Miami that same year. Comprising 12 pieces primarily executed in watercolor, the “Romeo and Juliet” collection explores eternal love, a timeless force that resonates powerfully in our modern society, often obsessed with youth at the expense of maturity and experience.

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Alex Righetto’s personal tours are a journey of the heart and soul. With his deep connection to each piece, Righetto shares the stories and emotions that inspire the art, revealing the humanity within the collection.

A Dialogue with the Province: The Vision of President Flavio Massimo Pasini

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After meeting with the mayor, I had the opportunity to discuss with Undersecretary Flavio Massimo Pasini. His response was warm and full of interest. For him, Verona, with its deep romantic connection, is the ideal place to display this collection, making it accessible to citizens and tourists, and enriching the city’s cultural heritage.


Toward a Romantic Future in Verona

Although significant progress has been made, the path to displaying the collection in Verona is still ongoing, with logistical challenges and decisions to be made. However, with the continued support of local authorities and the enthusiasm of the artistic community, I am convinced that “Romeo and Juliet” will soon find a home in the heart of Verona.

To see the collection visit this link:


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