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“Life after life” – Original Watercolor – Premium Collection Romeo And Juliet 2021

One of the most anticipated events during Art Basel is the debut of Romeo and Juliet, a collection of watercolors by Alex. The collection was inspired by Shakespeare’s classic play, and each painting captures a moment from the story. The colors are vibrant and alive, and the paintings are full of movement. The collection was premiered in Miami, and it was an instant hit. The Watercolor Collection is now on display at the Priano Gallery in Tampa, Florida. If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out!
Dimensions 2 × 28 × 42 in


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20 x 29 In




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Listen to the introduction of Romeo and Juliet collection in my own voice

This stunning painting tells the story of Romeo and Juliet in a whole new way. It’s amazing how they manage to survive all the drama and create a beautiful family together. This painting is a testament to the power of real love.

The end of “Romeo and Juliet” is generally seen as a tragedy, with their love doomed from the start. However, in this version, they were able to get married and live together with a newborn baby.

They went through their own path and decided to get rid of their childish selves instead of committing suicide. this painting celebrates the “love forever” ending. This unique perspective gives your narrative a new lease on life, evolving into something inspirational and positive

The two lovers are able to overcome all the challenges and create a happy family together. This painting is sure to bring joy to any home and inspire all who see it.

For anyone who has ever been in love, this painting is for you. It captures the beauty and intensity of Romeo and Juliet’s love story while providing a more positive and uplifting ending.

This painting is a beautiful tribute to one of the most tragic love stories of all time. Romeo and Juliet defied all odds, battling family drama and challenges to be together. In the end, their love was victorious, and they left behind a beautiful legacy.

It celebrates that enduring love and reminds us that it is possible to create a strong family together, even in the face of great adversity. The vibrant colors and positive message make this piece perfect for any home.

The painting is done in soft colors and has a dreamy quality to it. Many people enjoy the beauty of a well-painted watercolor. The smooth and ethereal textures that can be created with this medium have often been praised by art lovers.

This captivating watercolor painting is from our premium collection, Romeo & Juliet. The high-quality Archer paper ensures that each brushstroke pops off the page, and the delicate colors are sure to mesmerize any viewer. Whether you’re looking for a stunning piece of art for your own home or a unique gift for a loved one, this painting is sure to impress.

Watercolor paintings are renowned for their exceptional vibrancy and exquisite detail – but what many people don’t know is that the colors will stay vibrant forever, due to the UV protection. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of personality to your home or want an investment piece that will last a lifetime, this artwork is the absolute choice.

Enchanting and ethereal, this painting transports you to a place of beauty and stillness.

Meet our curator Gwyneth

About this artwork

Ink painting, Mixed Media, Watercolor
2 × 28 × 42 in

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You can schedule an appointment to see the artwork in person at my permanent gallery in Tampa, Florida. Priano: 3429 W Spruce St, Tampa, FL 33607

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