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Giulia Twin Blonde Original Watercolor painting

Dimensions 1 × 13.25 × 19.75 in



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Painting size

14 x 20.5 in


Know your pain. Know your love. This remarkable portrait of Giulia by Alex Righetto is made to last with museum-quality art paper, handcrafted with exquisite attention to detail.  This stunning portrait captures the beauty of a young woman with eyes full of love, pain, and anxiety. Every aspect of her face speaks volumes about this moment in time. Giulia was completed using museum-quality paper for a vibrant composition that will last years–even decades–to come.

The moment you look at the painting, it gives you the feeling of being totally vulnerable before pure innocence as if it’s telling you “come now, cherish me now then I’ll be gone” just like the short life that we live here on earth. This work is simply mesmerizing as well as captivating – which has been confirmed by several collectors who own Alex Righetto’s painting”.


This painting is watercolor on paper. Its cold press surface and acid-free make for an authentic experience that can last up to 100 years! The museum glass in this artwork virtually eliminates reflections, blocks 97% of UV rays while brightening colors with its optical transmission qualities guaranteed by the manufacturer with no concerns about color fading or becoming blotchy over time because they’re designed not just aesthetically pleasing but functional too.


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1 × 13.25 × 19.75 in

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