You want to have a meaningful life.
You want your life to be surrounded by important things.

Imagine a world where every inch of your home is designed to celebrate its inhabitants. A space with such care and attention shows that you believe in something valuable—in your family, or perhaps just yourself?

Art is a powerful medium that has the potential to change our perspective and worldview.
Art is not just about the surface, it has meaning.

To have a meaningful life, you need to be able to choose what matters and what doesn’t.
And it’s every day harder and harder.

We are surrounded by so much noise. Phone, notifications news…
It’s hard to escape it.

What inspires you? What makes your life worth living?

Art should create feelings within you, not just decorate your space.

It’s a way for the owner of the piece to express themselves and their emotions in creative ways that might otherwise be difficult or impossible with everyday objects such as furniture.

How about this one? Art holds deep cultural significance across many cultures around the world because it can act both aesthetically pleasingly but also convey powerful messages through its imagery.

What inspires me as an artist is rediscovering meaningful things from the past. My ultimate goal is to help preserve, in the sense of safeguarding its heritage.

That’s why I choose a book as inspiration from my new collection.

Art and Literature are bound together in several ways. Great works of art have inspired great works of literature, great works of literature have inspired art, and together art and literature have simultaneously represented similar movements.

My new collection of Romeo and Juliet watercolors will help you find the beauty in your life.
Each painting is inspired by a different moment from the play, and they are all full of emotions, drama, and life.

Last month I went back to my country Verona Italy, after two years in the US and I spent the holidays with my family.

I also filmed a small documentary on Verona and Romeo and Juliet. it will be ready soon.

Stop running around, take time to breathe. Look around… beauty is everywhere