Original watercolor painting 'The Golden Progenitor' from the Radiance Collection, featuring a young woman's profile against a gold leaf backdrop

Radiance Collection: A Statement Against Human Trafficking


The Essence of The Radiance Collection

The origin and vision of the Radiance collection

The Radiance collection was born from the exploration of the unique and unmistakable feminine energy that shines in every woman. The result is an exciting blend of brightness and shades among gold, where women are portrayed as blossoming protagonists.

Symbolism and Meaning

Reflections on resilience and the role of women

This collection aims to honor the respect for the female figure in the contemporary world, often overlooked in various sectors.

The style blends elements of fairy tales and surrealism, enriched with exotic references and symbols of transformation, featuring recurring motifs like flowers throughout the collection.

Recurring flowers adorn the works, symbolizing female beauty and strength.

The artist presents this collection as a tribute to the respect due to the female figure, often neglected in various areas. Launched with a personal exhibition in Miami in 2023, the collection stands as a manifesto against female abuse, with a particular focus on hyper-sexualization in the media and online.

Radiance and Society

Art as a means of social awareness

Radiance not only celebrates female resilience but also invites reflection on the role of women in contemporary society.

The work addresses the delicate issue of human trafficking, using powerful artistic expression to denounce modern slavery. By depicting women immersed in golden shades and surrounded by a halo of light, the artist symbolizes their inner strength that counters the commodification of the female body.

This artistic work not only conveys a message of hope and renewal for the victims but also serves as a call to action against exploitation.

With Radiance, the artist aims to raise public awareness and promote social change, encouraging viewers to join the fight against human trafficking and all forms of abuse.

Inner Light

The meaning and impact of the word "Radiance"

The word “Radiance” conjures the image of radiating light, symbolizing the strength and energy that women emit. This term, evoking the idea of shining and spreading energy, is closely linked to the concept of propagation.

In the feminine context, radiance refers not only to the ability to emit bright light and vital energy but also to the intrinsic power of women to influence, nurture, and grow what surrounds them.

This force is not limited to the physical or visible dimension; like light traveling through empty space, women’s influence extends beyond tangible boundaries, having a profound and lasting impact. In this sense, feminine radiance represents the unique ability to give life, support growth, and perpetuate positive change, embodying the power and resilience of the female spirit.

The Artwork

This collection shines in a range of colors and tones, consisting of seven female figures painted with delicate watercolors and gold leaf, and large oil canvases.

The works are a source of inspiration and highlight the centrality of women in the universe and their ability to spread their inner energy through everything, even the void.

The collection includes pieces like “The Guardian”, which contrasts the silence around human trafficking, representing a form of modern slavery, and “Resilience”, portraying a girl with a provocative gaze and a fierce beast behind her, symbolizing the often-overlooked strength and delicacy of the contemporary female figure.

Other notable works include “The Emergence of a Queen”, representing a powerful African woman, and “Amour-Propre”, a painting depicting a deep emotional moment for a woman, radiating golden particles of energy like a flower emits pollen.

Diversity in the Collection

The importance of cultural and racial diversity

According to scholars, the origin of our species is in Africa, and this propagation point coincides with the African race. For this reason, in Alex Righetto’s “Radiance” collection, there is a significant representation of the Black race, reflecting the diversity of human races.

The collection celebrates this diversity and highlights the unique beauty and energy that characterize each culture and race, with particular attention to the representation of African women, acknowledging their fundamental role in the origin and evolution of our species.

Artistic Evolution

Reflections on artistic expression in the collection

The first four pieces of Alex Righetto’s “Radiance” collection, created in 2022, are watercolor works, while the more recent evolutions are oil paintings on canvas.

This transition from watercolor to oil on canvas reflects the evolving artistic exploration and expression within the collection, offering a diverse range of textures and depths in depicting the central theme of feminine energy and diversity.

Reflections on the Theme

The importance of the collection's message in the modern world

The theme of Alex Righetto’s ‘Radiance’ collection focuses on celebrating feminine energy and denouncing serious issues such as human trafficking. In modern society, especially in the United States, the data on this phenomenon are alarming. Over time, social media have become vehicles for spreading questionable behavior patterns, fueled also by the easy accessibility of adult sites to minors and teenagers, contributing to a distorted and violent image of women in the world. These sites stimulate the ‘demand’ that feeds the terrible ‘market’ of human beings, often minors.

Organizations like fightthenewdrug.org work to redefine this role, countering these negative trends. The ‘Radiance’ collection fits into this context, using art as a tool for awareness and social change, without necessarily showing the brutal and dark side.