The Romeo and Juliet balcony scene is perhaps one of the most passionate and delicate moments of Shakespeare’s play. Romeo has just met Juliet at the party and he falls in love with her. He then decides to climb to her balcony and kiss her.

In 2021 a new collection of mine premiered during Art week during Art Basel in Miami. Every single piece of that collection was art inspired by Romeo and Juliet. And the balcony scene was the key piece.

the balcony close up alex righetto watercolor

Art inspired by Romeo and Juliet

This new collection is composed of 12 pieces made with ink, watercolor, and mixed media and describes mainly key moments in the relationship between Romeo and Juliet rather than the whole story.

The narrative in my exhibition was altered following a what-if scenario: What would happen if Romeo and Juliet had not died?

In this particular artwork series, I wanted to emphasize the changes and the different stages of the love story between the two main characters.

This work became my investigation of the journey we all are on and the changes on ourselves we need to make to be with someone else.


Too many times we observe relationships in life where the “love” is great initially, and there is a lot of enthusiasm but then it declines, and the affair does not evolve into anything.

It is sometimes called infatuation, it’s temporary and most of the time is a physical attraction that declines once satisfied.

Benvolio finds Romeo hopeless and nearly sick at the beginning of the play because his love has not corresponded with a girl.

“Why, then, O brawling love, O loving hate,

O anything of nothing first created,
O heavy lightness, serious vanity,

Misshapen chaos of well-seeming forms,
Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, sick health,

Still-waking sleep that is not what it is.
This love feel I, that feel no love in this.”


Romeo and Juliet act 1 scene 1 ( Romeo speaking to Benvolio)

Romeo is ready to move on immediately and fall in love with Juliet as soon as he sees her at another party. Is that what we celebrate as love?

What makes a relationship last? What makes partners grow?

This is a key question. Every couple that wants to last has to come up with an answer. Without an answer, relationships are just casual and random.

Everybody is looking for “the one” but not everyone is ready to change in order to do so. Therefore, what kind of changes are necessary for a relationship?

In the original story, Romeo decides to put an end to his life. What if, instead, he was deciding to put an end to his selfish ego?

I tried to create a different visual vocabulary from the traditional images typically associated with that story, and that is the reason why I choose watercolors.

Romeo and Juliet: the balcony scene

Balcony watercolor Alex Righetto video


One artwork at the center of that collection was the balcony scene. With this painting, I wanted to give a perfect representation of love. Rather than showing the physical love and foolishness of the two star-crossed lovers, it aims to show a deeper meaning.

The painting at first looks like a vortex between the two lovers as they are standing one in front of the other.

With deeper attention, you can notice the two lovers are in the foreground but also reflected on the opposite side in the background.


In this painting, Romeo is Juliet and Juliet is Romeo in the background. The two need to be able to assume each other’s points of view to be in a lasting relationship.

What happens when you consider your partner an extension of yourself? how do you feel when your partner is willing to consider you as their one addition?

This became a true declaration of love. Romeo and Juliet are saying to each other “I am willing to be you”.

And as long as this happens, true love can exist. A form of love that does not depend on their physical aspects. That is not an infatuation because it requires a sacrifice: they both need to get rid of their egos.

This artwork is inspired by the true love of these two heroes, that do not throw away their life.

With this artwork, I wanted to create an inspirational idea: be willing to consider your partner as your own wing. Your true appendix.

That is the way.

The rendering of the painting

For this painting, I decided to use Indian ink on watercolor paper, creating almost a graphic novel image where just black and white are the main colors.

Splashes of red color underline de vortex and the dynamism of the composition.

let me know if you like it.



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