Vogue Magazine is featuring Mona Lisa's Daughter, the new Alex Righetto's Masterpiece

Renowned painter,  Alex Righetto’s stunning artwork has once again garnered attention in the art world, this time being featured in the prestigious fashion magazine Vogue where the talented incredible artist Rihanna graces the cover.

Based in the United States, Alex Righetto attended the Fine Art Academy Gianbettino Cignaroli in Italy in 2003. He has since become a full-time active painter, creating pieces that are visually stunning and emotionally charged.

vogue cover

Righetto’s artwork serves as a visual representation of his unique perspective and imagination. Through his use of vivid color palettes, dynamic brushwork, and bold compositions, he creates pieces that are both captivating and thought-provoking.

His artwork draws inspiration from his Italian heritage, with his figurative art and portraiture telling stories that showcase elements of European history in a contemporary context.

Alex Righetto showcased his work at the Miami Art Basel in 2021 and 2022 and was selected as a resident artist at the state-of-the-art design facility, Priano, located in Tampa, FL, in March 2022.

Righetto’s exceptional work has earned him recognition in various publications, including Vanity Fair and House and Garden. His latest achievement is being featured in the iconic fashion magazine, Vogue.

“This is a great honor for me,” said Righetto. “I am thrilled to have my work featured in such a prestigious publication alongside other talented artists.”

The Vogue feature is a testament to the unique vision and artistic talent of Alex Righetto, and his continued success in the art world.

This is the painting featured

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