I just want to share with the world my joy and excitement. I am very happy to announce that I published my first book.

After these two years of work, I went through different stages and this is my attempt to document my work.

Each collection is a unique theme and tackles different topics. For example, in the Romeo and Juliet collection (2021) each painting is a stage of the story.

I wanted to create this book because I feel is important to document the work done. When I do an exhibition I usually explain in person some of the details about the artwork, and this is a great opportunity to have everything explained in a single document.

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What to expect from this book?

I find it interesting, writing books was never my goal, and yet here it is. My first one. I have chosen personally the images, and the layout and I wrote all the descriptions.

An amazing adventure that started in 2021 of me going back to art. From my first exhibition in Florida to Miami during Art Basel.

A journey of four epic collections that is the foundation of my body of work.

For every artwork, there is a description and the behind-the-scenes of the collections.

Romeo and Juliet Collection

A revolutionary new approach to a classic love story, where nothing is as it seems.

Renaissance Colection

An homage to my heritage, and my country.

Rebirth Collection

The collection contains the initial body of artwork. An exploration of my memories and a reconciliation with my past.

Radiance collection

A collection dedicated to women and their energy emanated.

See the work as you were at the gallery

The book helps you see the artwork and the details as you were looking at it in person, giving you details and behind scenes of my work.


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Alex Righetto is an Italian artist based in the US, known for his vibrant and bold paintings that reinterpret Italian and European history in a contemporary context. His work has been featured in various exhibitions and publications, including Vanity Fair and Vogue