Announcement: Alex Righetto's Artwork will be shown on a jumbotron in Time Square. Save the date: from April 21st -27TH

Renowned artist, Alex Righetto, is set to showcase his artwork in New York City for the first time in his career. The “Exploring the World” exhibition will take place on the Times Square billboard from Friday, April 21st to Thursday, April 27th, from 6pm-8pm NYC local time. This highly anticipated event is expected to create a buzz among art enthusiasts and draw the attention of millions of people who visit Times Square every day.

Alex Righetto is known for his unique artistic style that captures the essence of the natural world in a vibrant and dynamic way.

The “Exploring the World” exhibition will showcase some of Alex’s best works, featuring intricate details and vivid colors that showcase his mastery in the art world. His name will be prominently displayed alongside his artwork, ensuring that he receives the recognition he deserves.

The exhibition will take place during the 6pm-8pm time slot in Times Square, when the billboard is the busiest.

Alex’s artwork will be displayed once during the 6pm hour and once during the 7pm hour for seven consecutive days. This means that hundreds of thousands of people will have the opportunity to see his artwork, creating a new level of exposure for the artist.

Alex Righetto’s first show in New York City is expected to be a major event, and art enthusiasts and critics alike are eagerly anticipating this exhibition. It is an opportunity to showcase his unique style to a new audience and introduce the world to his artistic vision.

“Alex, your works are impeccable!

With a refreshingly dynamic execution, you use negative space and emphasize natural lighting with meticulous detail. showcasing your exploration into creating representational forms with strong emotional heft.

You alternate between various poses making the subject look direct yet non-confrontational, simultaneously exuding a level of intimacy worth of human connection. Like looking into a mirror.

You elicit a direct reaction from your viewer as they are confronted with these sophisticated figures, allowing for meditation on your artistic intent and distinctness Well done”