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Alex is a natural-born artist. He loves creating art in every single thing he does. He is passionate about figurative art but loves abstract and pure design. Born and raised in Verona Italy he spent his last  4 years outside Italy to travel and follow up his dreams in London, New York, and Miami.

Alex is at a crucial point in his career

Alex has been accepted by a gallery in NYC and will debut there in Spring 2022. His work will also showcase in Miami this year. Other galleries in Milan, London, Tokyo, and Johannesburg South Africa are also inquiring about his work at this time.

Alex is a very eclectic artist.

He can deliver different styles with different techniques. Graphite, watercolors, Acrylics, oils, and mixed mediums.

Academic studies

He is surprisingly a hectic artist, with experienced careers in photography, marketing, design, and events management. He showcased his work in Verona Italy, London, and recently in Florida, marking his debut as an artist in the US.

Alex perfected his knowledge of art, anatomy, and painting at the fine art academy “Cignaroli” in Verona Italy, a 250-year-old University. He was only 17 when he won his first award, the “Arquà Petrarca”, for his watercolors.

Alex loves to paint in all mediums and is an ever-seeking inspiration. He has achieved social media influencer status through the more than 100K followers who are in turn inspired by his love of art, romance, beauty, and fashion. This, is of course, perfectly natural as the son of Italy’s City of Love; Verona.

His current artwork is a gallery in the heart of St. Petersburg Florida. There are other galleries in Milan, London, and Johannesburg South Africa who are inquiring about his work at this time.

Artist statement

Art can Change the world

I live my life through the lens of Italy and the art of the Renaissance. During that time in history, art and science were parallel concepts. Many artists then and since have taken on the role of explorers of this idea. Artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Piero Della Francesca, Caravaggio, Picasso, and Monet have looked at how Art is used to empower man. These are the artists who inspire me today and whose legacy I wish to continue. It is their kind of vision that I wish to translate into this modern age

Future exibitions

Future exhibitions:

He has been accepted by a gallery in NYC and will debut there in spring 2022. His work will also showcase in Miami this year ( Red Dot Miami)

For a complete list of events please refer to the Eventbrite page, or follow the link below.

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