Why mistakes are ok

In this article, I explain why mistakes are ok (and why bullying is not).

I said no to Gucci and YSL

In 2003 I had the best job one could have. Believe me! At 23 I had a permanent contract in Italy with a good salary at a company as a photographer. Working with brands like Gucci, YSL, etc… Taking pictures… It was my dream.

I learned so much about photography and I still use this information today.

That was my first real job and it was amazing. I was still attending the Fine Arts Academy and I was working at this new company. The future seemed bright.

I was directed to go to Hamburg Germany for a special assignment for the company and Instead, I quit. You probably think I was crazy and maybe I was.

The reason why I quit was that I was bullied by my colleagues. Specifically, two of them were trying to make my life impossible. It became a nightmare every single minute I spent in the office. They didn’t want a young 23-year-old employed there in a very competitive environment. I didn’t know better at that time so I quit. And again I thought at that time it was my fault, and that I wasn't good enough for the job.

No job can pay for mental violence. Ever. On top of the brutal work environment, my seniors did not want to believe my story when I quit.

It was good to quit. I wouldn't be a full-time artist today had I not learned from those mistakes. I learned how to deal with bullies, and more specifically I realized that I was not good for permanent contracts, I never liked being employed.


Reverse engineering problems

If you are familiar with software engineering, there is an exact procedure to handle errors and mistakes.

Instead of trying to not make any mistake the procedure test against every possible mistake the software makes until it is better. Engineers test every mistake until it is clear what is wrong.

So if you are willing to learn, every mistake is a gem. Life is slightly different from school. In the latter, if you make a mistake you are considered wrong.

I made lots of mistakes. But I almost always think that a mistake is a wonderful occasion to learn.

It works for me

I am using this procedure to engineer my life. I make mistakes. I feel bad. I learn and I move on.

This is the only way I know that works for me. I am a much better version of myself than that little 23-year-old, thanks to all the mistakes I have made.

Disclaimer. The only real mistake is when I repeat the same mistakes over and over again and then I am not looking at it with the purpose to find out what I could have done differently.


I hope you liked hearing about my experience. What is your secret to dealing with mistakes in life? Are they part of your journey? Let me know in the comments section.