Why choosing Alex Righetto Fine art

Why choosing me as artist

Hi I’m alex and I am an Italian artist, In the Mast year, I presented my work at Art Basel week in Miami and sold over $20K of my art.

My goals: creating meaningful art

I always wanted to create meaningful art. I can not stand art that is unrelatable and not understandable.

My goal is to create art that inspires and uplifts. You should be surrounded by art that makes you feel better and gives meaning to your life.

My ambition was always to be an artist, to inspire people, to share with them great emotions, to make them feel alive, and forget their troubles for a moment.

I want to inspire people to start their own quest for beauty.

I also value culture, I believe that knowing the past will lead you to understand your identity and your present.

That’s the reason why I frequently add stories from the past in my paintings, for example in my collection Romeo & Juliet.

The artist career is a journey that I started 20 years ago but somehow lost during the ride. I was studying fine arts in Italy and at some point, I quit.

I believed that I couldn't become an artist

I couldn’t make it

My teachers were failed artists. Incapable of being artists themselves so they had to push their careers aside and teach for a living instead.

Because I learned very quickly that people can’t make a living with Art, I believed that lie and I accepted being someone else.

It was a very painful path. After years of years drifting through life I found myself so far away from what I really wanted to do in my career that I had to stop and change.

I was so lost at that moment. I realized that my life was just one big blur. I said to myself: F… It. I’m going to create art AGAIN from now on. It’s now or never. I had to try at least to be what I wanted to be.

To pursue this dream here in the US I had to leave Italy, learn a new language, leave behind my family and embark on something completely new.

I gained haters. Truly genuine haters, mad at me for the unwanted confusion and suffering I created in their lives, or because I just wanted to make my life an unordinary one.

"Some people long for a life that is simple and planned. Tied with a ribbon Some people won't sail the sea 'cause they're safer on land To follow what's written But I'd follow you to the great unknown Off to a world, we call our own!"

— The Greatest Showman,  Tightrope

Art Basel Miami

The journey to Miami

I sailed my sea, I put everything I had at stake: family, relationships, work. I wanted to give myself a chance. at least one. If I‘ll fail at least I can say to myself “you tried“.

I started working hard and put into it everything I got. I was blessed that I found some good friends that believed in me and helped.

And so my journey began.

Art Basel Miami

The fear of starting something new got me immediately. I had an invitation to be featured at Art Basel in Miami, one of the largest art fairs in North America.

I was scared. What if people do not like what I am doing? filled with doubts and uncertainties I was able to create an entirely new collection on Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet is a story staged in my town Verona Italy. And by the way, it was an old Italian story that was the inspiration for Shakespeare.

I feel it was a great introduction of myself to the art World as I rediscovered myself. The exhibition was an extreme success. And out of thin air, I was able to sell 20k dollars of art.

All because of my research, my creation, and what I dreamed about.

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Alex is an extremely talented Italian artist. He has been featured in Italy, In London, and In the US.

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