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Please read this important letter from  Alex Righetto

From The Studio of Alex Righetto,
Tampa, Florida US.

Hi Friend,

Thanks for stopping by this page!

It’s time for nature again

The world is becoming increasingly disconnected from its natural roots. In this time of change, I have created new paintings that remind us what it means to be at one with nature and our primordial instincts as humans on Earth!

These products were birthed from experiences gained during personal time spent amongst nature’s beauty; specifically within Italy’s Dolomites range.

After a long day of hiking in the mountains, I had finally arrived at my destination. At the top of this beautiful mountain, we headed back down.

Suddenly a fierce storm hit us, and it was unlike anything I’d ever seen.

When the rain came down, it seemed as if all of creation were crashing together. The lightning lit up everything around us with an otherworldly glow that made every mountain peak seem eerily reserved for some greater force than ourselves as if they had been waiting patiently until their time was finally here!

The deep, rumbling sound of the earth shocked me and I could not get my feet to move. It was an unspoken command that I followed without question.

The feel of freedom

The atmosphere of the mountain forests was one where no man had ever set foot before. You can only appreciate it by looking at them with wonder in your eyes, and feeling fortunate to be there too!

In those lonely, wild places I felt free. The wind in my skin and the taste of adventure on my tongue made me feel alive.

A simple life is a beautiful thing. I am so lucky I was able to experience such an organic and unplugged perspective of the world!

Away from everyone and everything, from technology and the internet, you can breathe every moment as a precious value.

I captured, even if only with the gaze, those textures, and those drawings and I made them mine with my memory.

mountains and paintings

Now they are available to you, as I have seen them. In this open collection, the first three elements of the gallery are available in a convenient format.

You can collect all three or choose the one you like best.

My offer today

The new art pieces are finally here! I’ve been working on them for a while, and now we can share these beauties with the world.
I wanted to launch this offer at an exciting time so that everyone will be able to get their hands on one.

To celebrate the release of my new art pieces, I’m offering a discount on all orders!

I offer a limited number of paintings that can be bought separately or together.

Numbers are limited, so this page and offer will be taken down the moment the last one has gone.

The Best Guarantee you'll ever see

I fully guarantee you’ll love what you receive or I’ll refund entirely what you paid, and you can keep the print anyway.

I love creating art, so I want you to love too what you receive just as much as I loved creating it – that’s why this guarantee makes sense to me.

All you’d have to do is contact me directly on the details on your receipt and I’ll give you back every penny. Which I’m grateful to say has never had to happen yet!

So this is truly a zero risk offer. (Just a heartfelt piece of art for you to try!)

My true hope is that you’ll love what you receive and this will be the beginning of a great relationship for yers to come.

Sound fair right? 🙂

If this sounds like something you're interested in, here are the next steps...

  1. Scroll below this letter
  2. Take a look at the paintings and select which one you like the most
  3. Fill out the form and enter your address on the following page.
  4. Receive your new art and have it on your wall within just 14 days

If you have any questions, you can send an email to [email protected]

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I can’t wait to get your new piece of art to you.

Alex Righetto

Summary! (did you just skip my letter?)

  • I am an Italian artist living in America. I love creating meaningful art and I want to promote my new collection.
  • I am currently offering a discount with a limited number of pieces. The offer will end once
  • Just simply select a painting that you like.
  • Receive the piece within 14 days
  • Get your money back if you don't like it
Explore the collection

Step into the unknown forest

Introducing my new Elegant Luxury Gallery: The Unknown Forest

This collection will transport you to the mountains, where your heart is full of natural wonder.

A collection with the colors of earth and snow and organic textures to represent nature untouched by man.

These paintings are a joy to behold, with their earthy colors and beautiful shapes. With the beautiful and serene scenery of this nature Conservation, we can feel at one with ourselves.

Inspired by nature

These paintings are a celebration of the natural beauty found in nature.

These paintings are a celebration of nature and the colors found in rocks, soil, and snow. The combination is both elegant and simple; it makes for artwork you can't help but fall head over heels with!

Explore the gallery
Exclusive Design

A gallery-feel in any space

The design is a great way to elevate any room while also bringing brightness to a space.
The artwork will Inspire a gallery-feel in any space.

Explore the gallery
Alex Righetto Abstract livingroom modern detail uai
Elegant style

Designed with a neutral palette

It champions a set of 3 elegantly slick, industrial modern aesthetic designs with earthly colors and organic shapes.

Explore the gallery
Highly compatible colors

Works in every environment

Thanks to these neutral colors you will be able to fit this gallery in every environment without thinking: “how will I put everything together?”

Explore the gallery
It enriches your space

A prestigious collection

You will have the feeling of living in a five star hotel in New York City or in London.

Explore the gallery
Inspiring, high-quality work that is expressive and imaginative

This is why you will love this wall art gallery

The pieces are exclusive and entirely different from anything you have seen.

Inspired by nature for a natural and unique look

This is a collection for those who treasure the wild and natural world. It reminds us that no matter how much we urbanize our lives, there's still so much out there worth exploring in nature!

Compatible with any home decor for a versatile product

You will be able to fit this gallery in every environment, this way you don’t have to go through the painful process of shopping around on Saturdays or on your days off.

Exclusive and Authentic Designs

Printed on superlative Archival acid-free paper. Colors will remain authentic and will not fade; You will be able to pass this wall art gallery to your generation with unchanged aesthetics.

Official and certified replications of the original paintings

Each wall art is artisan crafted with meticulous care. Given its handmade and hand-finished nature, variations are to be expected.

Get original, exclusive artwork made in the USA

handmade in the USA for a quality, authentic product. With all due respect, this is not a drop shipping business with products from China.

Made to last

Printed on thick, gallery quality, and luxurious paper. Each piece is made of good, solid materials, so it will not easily break which means you can enjoy it for years and years.

Create a cohesive, natural look in any room of your house

Colors used in this composition are studied to fit every environment. This means that it will be very easy to match them with any style.

Delivered straight to your door

It comes delivered to your front door, so you don’t have to make space in your car or hire an expensive van to get the artwork to your home.

Choose your favorite artwork

Upscale your living space with the collection "The Unknown Forest"

Click or tap on the images to see the product to higher resolution

The glacier

"beautiful and dramatic"

Explore the glacer

The majestic, ancient glacier with elegant lines that give off an organic feel and depth.
$23.99 Instead of $89.77
  • You save $63.78
  • Size 10 x 13 inches
  • Other sizes Available 15 x 20
  • Frame and mat not included
  • Free shipping for this order
Add to cart
(save $63.78)

Steep Walls


A glimpse of steep walls

The mountain's steep walls are revealed in the sunlight, showing dark and light layers.
$23.99 Instead of $89.77
  • You save $63.78
  • Size 10 x 13 inches
  • Other sizes Available 15 x 20
  • Frame and mat not included
  • Free shipping for this order
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(save $63.78)

Dark heart

"Strong and powerful"

Dark Soil

Dark soil alternated with snow and rocks, furrowed by unexpected lines.
$23.99 Instead of $89.77
  • You save $63.78
  • Size 10 x 13 inches
  • Other sizes Available 15 x 20
  • Frame and mat not included
  • Free shipping for this order
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(save $63.78)
Get a set of 3 prints from The Unknown Forest Collection

Get the boundle

"A collection with the colors of earth and snow and organic textures to represent nature untouched by man."

The Unknown Forest (Set of 3 paintings)

"beautiful and dramatic"

$143instead of $263 (Set of 3 pieces)
  • You save $119.35
  • Set Contain 3 prints
  • Size of the prints 10 x 13 inches
  • Other sizes available 16 x 20
  • Frame and mat not included
  • Free shipping included!
Add to cart (Save $119)

For clarity: The price is for all 3 prints

Meet the Artist

Alex Righetto Art Studio

alex uai

Alex Righetto was born in 1981 in Verona Italy. He attended the fine art academy there becoming a full-time artist.

His work is characterized by its strong emotional impact, and he believes in creating meaningful and inspirational art, that can effect positive change in the world.

His pieces are often inspired by nature and the world around him.

In 2018, he left Italy and traveled throughout the UK and US.

In 2021, his work was showcased during Art Basel Week at Spectrum – Red Dot Miami.

His studio is now located in Tampa Florida, where he continues to create powerful pieces that move people emotionally and spiritually.

This is a risk-free offer.  You'll like it or I give you your money back.

We keep our promises and deliver orders on time. But let's see all the promises I am making right now

You are not left alone

We will follow up and assist you to get a 5-star experience before, during, and after the purchase.
We include instructions and design suggestions to help you perfectly position the artwork in your home.
If you work with a designer we are happy to get in contact and give the support you need if requested.

Money Back Guarantee

You have 90 days to decide if it fits your taste. No stress about it. Your money back and no questions asked.

Only perfect deliveries

Expect only perfection. Every shipping is protected, which means that we guarantee a perfect delivered package. This way you don’t have to worry about anything.

Secure Transaction

This website uses an SSL-protected data protocol. Your details are completely secure.

Summary of what you get

  • A choice of 3 different pieces of artwork
  • Official and certified replications of the original paintings
  • Printed on thick, gallery quality and luxurious paper
  • The option to upgrade the size
  • Limited time discount
  • Full 365 DAY GUARANTEE - If you don't love the painting as much as I loved creating it, you can get a full refund, no questions asked and you don't even have to return the print.