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The art print you’ve chosen is 10 x 13 inches – pictured on the left.

To appreciate the incredible detail in my artwork, my prints always look better when a little bigger.

I sell my larger 15 x 20 in prints for $170 each on my main website for a total of $510.

But here, only on this page, you can upgrade size for just $252.

This saves you a huge  $257.

Save $257 by upgrading the size

I am only offering them at this price for a limited time and only on this page for anyone who opted for a free print.

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The collection is rich in details and textures. The bigger size can render them much better.

Today only the bigger size is $75 instead of $170.

It’s worth you knowing too. that taking me up on this incredible offer will also help support me as an independent artist ūüôā