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Portrait of a young woman “La vita in Rosa” original watercolor

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Dimensions 1 × 20.5 × 22.5 in



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Not Framed

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10 x 22 in



Matte Paper


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La Vita in Rosa” is an original watercolor painting, providing a tender and contemplative exploration of female form and emotion through a soft and nuanced palette. Rendered on a 10 x 22-inch matte paper, the work is part of the “Rebirth” collection and was created in 2021,.

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This exquisite piece from the “Rebirth” collection serenely whispers stories of resurgence and revival, marking the synthesis of classical and contemporary interpretations of feminine form. The theme seamlessly weaves through delicate figurations and subtle, expressive hues, tenderly conveying a narrative that speaks to both the aesthetic and emotive.

Positioned in a landscape orientation, “La Vita in Rosa” employs the ethereal qualities of the watercolor medium to embody and project the gentle intricacies and inherent strength of its subject. Unframed and poised, the artwork invites unbridled connection, encouraging viewers to immerse themselves into the depth and softness of each brushstroke, each fluid transition of color, engaging in an intimate, unbounded dialogue with the piece.

Adorning the tapestry of the “Rebirth” collection, “La Vita in Rosa” stands as a testament to feminine grace and complexity, exuding a spirit that is at once soft and robust, tranquil, and vibrant. The piece not only captures the visual embodiment of its subject but also encapsulates a sentiment, a mood, and an enduring echo of moments suspended in time through the ethereal application of watercolor.

Located in the US and composed in 2021, this artwork offers not just a visual experience, but an emotional journey, tenderly cradling the viewer in its subtle hues and gentle lines, caressing the senses with its quiet strength and timeless beauty. “La Vita in Rosa” isn’t merely a portrait; it is a symphony, quietly whispering stories of life, vitality, and the enduring allure of the feminine form.

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