Charcoal drawing

Charcoal drawing, woman body outline “An Afternoon in Montparnasse” Original Art

About this artwork

Dimensions 3 × 28 × 40 in








Black frame

Location of the Artwork




Matte Paper


Painting size

17 x 23 in


An evocative and subtly arresting charcoal drawing, “An Afternoon in Montparnasse” beckons viewers into a serene and introspective moment, frozen in the soft yet determined strokes of charcoal on matte paper. The artwork gracefully outlines the female form, encapsulating the ethereal and profoundly personal aura of an afternoon spent in the historically artistic district of Montparnasse.

More on this painting

This original piece, measurably 17 x 23 inches within its elegant black frame, illustrates a poignant stillness, transcending mere visual perception and touching upon the senses with its delicate rendering of a woman’s body. The larger dimensions of 3 x 28 x 40 inches perhaps include the framing and provide a substantial visual presence on any wall. Within the vertical confines of the piece, the woman’s form is illustrated not as an object, but as a symphony of curves and lines, each contributing to a narrative that speaks of tranquility, strength, and delicate beauty.

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