The watercolor depicts a young girl with delicate and sweet features; her gaze is tender and curious. The maiden holds close to her face a large hibiscus flower of pale pink, which partially covers her face, creating a hide-and-seek with the viewer. Her dark hair is styled simply, allowing the finely worked and intricate tiara above her head to draw attention. She wears a pearl necklace and bracelets that glow faintly, suggesting a subdued elegance. Her dress, visible only in part, is golden yellow, with details reminiscent of ripe wheat, a symbol of abundance and growth. The blurred context of the watercolor around her blends with the warm tones of the flower and the dress, while the frame that encloses it is of an immaculate white with decorative carvings, contributing to enhancing the purity and freshness of the image. This portrait seems almost to be a celebration of the transition from girlhood to adulthood, capturing innocence and the promise of personal growth.