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Listen to the introduction of Romeo and Juliet collection in my own voice

Captured in this original watercolor is a moment when she’s unable to make a decision about her life. Forced into a marriage she doesn’t want, Juliet is stuck between two worlds. Will she find the courage to follow her heart? This painting captures the beauty and tragedy of an era where women were beholden to their families and had no choice in their own destiny.

No matter what life throws your way, this beautiful watercolor of Juliet will remind you that it’s okay not to have all the answers. Let her ethereal beauty reassure you that indecision can be just as beautiful as certainty.

The symbol over her head is a ladder, which was used in Italy to represent the “Della Scala family” (literally translated as ‘Of the ladder Family’). The name has been passed on through time and can still be found today on Verona’s city flags.

The painting is an expression of the artist’s interpretation of Juliet’s character and story. The ladder symbolizes dominion and the decision of others ruling over her own life. This makes Juliet a slave to her fate, which is expressed through her sad and forlorn expression.

The vibrant colors create a stunning effect that will transport you to Verona. The intense and daring lines of color create a beautiful cage around Juliet’s head, adding an element of drama and intrigue.

We all know the story of Romeo and Juliet. The tale of two star-crossed lovers who were forced to part ways due to their families’ feuding. Now, you can experience that same drama in your own life with our original watercolor of Juliet. This painting captures the beauty and sadness of the couple’s story and is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of classic romance to their home.

The painting is full of emotion and energy and would be a perfect addition to any collection.

This captivating watercolor painting is from THE premium collection, Romeo & Juliet. The high-quality paper ensures that each brushstroke pops off the page, and the delicate colors are sure to mesmerize any viewer.

The bright colors and bold brushstrokes give the painting a sense of energy and movement, while the gold leaf frame adds a touch of elegance.

This artwork would be a perfect addition to any lover’s home, as a reminder of the love story that inspired one of the world’s most famous plays. It would also make an excellent gift for any fan of Shakespeare or art lovers alike.

Whether you’re looking for a stunning piece of art for your own home or a unique gift for a loved one, this painting is sure to impress.



The package contains

A Limited EditionInk painting, Mixed Media, Watercolor  Original on Museum quality paper with vibrant colors and exceptional details from the Romeo and Juliet Collection.

The painting is Framed.

Hand-signed by the author

Wires and hangers included. Ready to hang.

Hand-signed and with a certificate of authenticity

Every piece is numbered and marked with a special signature.

Shipping usually takes up to 30 days

Your Painting will be shipped to you professionally packed with protective packaging.

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Original Artwork

Original Artwork Available

Complete with frame, UV protection glass and ready to hang

DSC06431 uai

“Verona” – Romeo And Juliet


Listen to the introduction of the Romeo and Juliet collection here: Alex Righetto · Introduction to Romeo and Juliet Step into the world of Juliet, and discover her story for yourself. Captured in this original watercolor is a moment when she's…

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Verona – female painting watercolor portrait

Limited Edition – 2021, 16 x 22 in
Ink painting, Mixed Media, Watercolor Original on Museum quality paper.
Hand-signed and certified by the Artist.

The process

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Certified replications of the original paintings

Each wall art is artisan crafted with meticulous care.
Every piece is numbered and marked with a special signature. Printed on superlative Archival acid-free paper.

IMG 1460 uai

Exclusive and Authentic Designs

Every painting is framed in the exact same way as the original, with a custom frame that enhances the overall aesthetics. handmade in the USA for a quality, authentic product.

museum glass uai

Anti UV and Antireflective glass

UV lights can destroy your artwork though the time. Each painting is provided with superior Museum glass that can let you see the painting more clearly while protecting the artwork from dangerous UV light

art crate uai

Fine art shipping through crate, with custom packing

Expect only perfection. Every shipping is protected, which means that we guarantee a perfect delivered package. This way you don’t have to worry about anything.

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Listen to the introduction of the Romeo and Juliet collection here: Alex Righetto · Introduction to Romeo and Juliet Step into the world of Juliet, and discover her story for yourself. Captured in…

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Romeo & Juliet

The Metamorphosis we all have to go through with our love and life partner, the shattering of our own selfish darkness we ALL have to make, in order to actually find and keep true love in life.

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