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Emotions romeo watercolor Alex Righetto 2021 uai

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Dimensions 2 × 33 × 27 in


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, ,

Painting size

17.5 x 21

Artwork Size

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Museum quality paper

Overall prints


Black, Gold, Yellow

About the artwork

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This is a unique and limited-edition print, based on only 250 copies. Prices will go up with every 50 sales, so don’t wait! Each copy is numbered and signed by the author, making it a one-of-a-kind piece that you’ll be proud to own.

Discover the meaning of this exquisite watercolor

This painting is an exquisite exploration of Romeo’s inner darkness. The shadows and muted tones create a feeling of unease, as if something sinister is hiding in the corners. Yet despite this, there is a real beauty to be found in the work. It’s like watching a tragedy unfold before your eyes; you can’t look away, even though you know it will end in heartbreak.

As you look at the watercolor painting, you can feel Romeo’s pain and desperation. His love is so strong that it overcomes any doubts or fears he may have, but it’s also heartbreakingly clear how much he is suffering.

You can see in his eyes the depth of his love and how much he wants to be with his love. It’s a beautiful and tragic portrait of an unforgettable love story.

Romeo is experiencing all the emotions that come with loving someone who can’t love him back. His pain and despair are palpable, and yet you can also see the hope in his eyes. It’s a powerful reminder of the depth of emotion that comes with this painting.

It’s a powerful reminder that love can be both beautiful and tragic. It’s also a reminder of how strong emotions can be, and how much they can affect us. If you’re feeling down, take a look at this painting and remember that Romeo felt the same way – but he didn’t give up.

Also, no matter how hard it is to love someone who can’t love you back, the connection between two people can be incredibly strong.

Romeo’s emotions are so powerful that they still touch us centuries later. His story is one that we can all relate to, and the painting is a beautiful and heartbreaking reminder of the power of love, and how it can sometimes be too much to bear.

In the original story, Instead of learning from love, Romeo lets himself drown in it. He sabotages his chances at happiness and ends up losing everything that is important to him.

Love takes Romeo on an emotional journey in which he finds both despair and hope, but, this version of Romeo and Juliet doesn’t end in tragedy!

In this updated take, the two young lovers kill their childish egos instead of committing suicide, freeing the story from its original toxicity. It’s a tale as old as time told in a fresh new way that will leave you breathless.

This dark and brooding masterpiece is the perfect addition to any art lover’s collection. Romeo’s trademark use of bold colors and intense shadows brings his innermost thoughts and desires to life on canvas.

This captivating watercolor painting is from our premium collection, Romeo & Juliet. The high-quality paper ensures that each brushstroke pops off the page, and the delicate drawings are sure to mesmerize any viewer.

Watercolor paintings are renowned for their exceptional vibrancy and exquisite detail – but what many people don’t know is that the colors will stay vibrant forever, due to the UV protection. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of personality to your home or want an investment piece that will last a lifetime, this artwork is the absolute choice.

The bright colors and bold brushstrokes give the painting a sense of energy and movement, while the gold leaf frame adds a touch of elegance.

If you’re looking for something special to hang on your wall, this painting is definitely worth considering.

The package contains

A Limited EditionInk painting, Mixed Media, Watercolor  Giclée fine art print on Museum quality paper with vibrant colors and exceptional details from the Romeo and Juliet Collection.

Equipped with UV Museum Glass to remove reflections and protect the painting, The painting is Framed.

Hand-signed by the author

Wires and hangers included. Ready to hang.

Hand-signed and with a certificate of authenticity

Every piece is numbered and marked with a special signature.

Shipping usually takes up to 30 days

Your Painting will be shipped to you professionally packed with protective packaging.

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Original Artwork

Original Artwork Available

Complete with frame, UV protection glass and ready to hang

DSC06438 uai

“Romeo’s emotions” – Original Watercolor

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Listen to the introduction of Romeo and Juliet collection in my own voice Alex Righetto · Introduction to Romeo and Juliet This painting is an exquisite exploration of Romeo's inner darkness. The shadows and muted tones create a feeling of unease,…

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Romeo’s emotions

Limited Edition – 2021, 16 x 22 in
Ink painting, Mixed Media, Watercolor Giclée fine art print on Museum quality paper.
Hand-signed and certified by the Artist.

The process

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Certified replications of the original paintings

Each wall art is artisan crafted with meticulous care.
Every piece is numbered and marked with a special signature. Printed on superlative Archival acid-free paper.

IMG 1460 uai

Exclusive and Authentic Designs

Every painting is framed in the exact same way as the original, with a custom frame that enhances the overall aesthetics. handmade in the USA for a quality, authentic product.

museum glass uai

Anti UV and Antireflective glass

UV lights can destroy your artwork though the time. Each painting is provided with superior Museum glass that can let you see the painting more clearly while protecting the artwork from dangerous UV light

art crate uai

Fine art shipping through crate, with custom packing

Expect only perfection. Every shipping is protected, which means that we guarantee a perfect delivered package. This way you don’t have to worry about anything.

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DSC06438 uai

“Romeo’s emotions” – Original WatercolorLogin to view the price

Listen to the introduction of Romeo and Juliet collection in my own voice Alex Righetto · Introduction to Romeo and Juliet This painting is an exquisite exploration of Romeo's inner darkness. The…

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Romeo & Juliet

The Metamorphosis we all have to go through with our love and life partner, the shattering of our own selfish darkness we ALL have to make, in order to actually find and keep true love in life.

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