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Art enthusiasts engage in deep conversation with Alex Righetto about his artwork.

Why I’ve Abandoned Abstract Art: A Personal Perspective

In this article, I delve into the ongoing debate between figurative and abstract art, exploring the impact of storytelling in art and the…

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why art education is important

Why art education is so important? Discover the transformative power of art education and learn why it's crucial for personal growth.

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The Art of Pricing Art: Understanding the Value Behind Alex Righetto’s Masterpieces

Unlock the true potential of a masterpiece by understanding its value. Alex Righetto's timeless art not only evokes emotion, but also…

Anastacia portrait sketch with pencils on paper with gold leaf frame. The sketch symbolizes the artist's personal renaissance and captures the beauty of the subject, Anastacia, with a wish for her to always keep the ocean in her eyes and dream big

My Personal Renaissance: The Story Behind My Portrait of Anastacia

This article is about the process of creating a portrait of Anastacia. It explores my journey and the meaning behind the portrait, as well…

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Alex Righetto – Premium Custom Portraits

This article discusses the premium custom portraits that Alex can create for you

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Romeo and Juliet balcony scene

Romeo and Juliet's balcony scene is one of the most famous and iconic moments in literature. The scene is a representation of the power of…

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Reflections on a Hero. The story of my grandfather Domenico

I had my first American gallery exhibition in St. Pete, FL in 2021. One of the pieces was a watercolor portrait of my grandfather. A viewer…