This is the procedure to activate your ticket

These steps are mandatory.

Step one

The first step is to make a donation ($10) for the tickets you intend to get.

If you have already done this step you should have received a link to activate your Collector eTicket.

IMPORTANT: If you didn’t receive the link please  use this form below

Use this form to activate your email:

Receive support instantly. Please use the email you used for the donation on Eventbrite

    Step Two

    After you clicked the link please select the RED DOT MIAMI/SPECTRUM MIAMI 2022 COLLECTOR PASS adding the tickets you need.

    This gives you access to the opening night and every other day.

    page red dot uai

    Step Three

    Once you selected the ticket compile the brief form at the bottom of the page and hit the “submit button”

    You will receive a confirmation like this on the screen.

    completed regisatration uai

    Step Four

    Once you have done that you will receive a confirmation like this.

    This is the valid ticket to present at the door.

    email confirmation uai

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