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This article is meant to give you more information about my participation at Red Dot Miami 2022.

About Red Dot and Spectrum

Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami are two art fairs organized by the same organization: Redwood Art Group. While Spectrum is open to all emerging artists without a gallery representation, Red Dot is open exclusively to galleries.

Red Dot and Spectrum are both a part of Miami Art week held in the city’s art district every December, at the same time as Art Basel Miami Beach.

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Quick facts

Schedule: The fair will be held from November 30 to December 4, 2022

Location: Mana Wynwood 2217 NW 5th Avenue, NW 22nd St, Miami, FL 33127

Tickets for the exhibitions span between $35 to $100 on the event website. But because I am exhibiting I can offer you complimentary tickets. More on that later.

Last Year

Last year I exhibited my artwork at Spectrum and that was my first time attending such a big event. I had my own booth and I introduced my Romeo and Juliet collection.

The participation, travel, hotel expenses, the rent of the space, marketing, and the creation of the artwork cost me probably more than $20k. That’s how much I had to pay to make sure people would see my art. It was a few days of extreme work, exhausting but at the end very rewarding.

I gave away lots of complimentary tickets last year, and lots of people came to say hi to me at my booth. This year I am asking to make a small donation to my non-profit organization in order to get the tickets.

I am asking a small donation for the tickets

The Stacy Francis Music, Art & Education Foundation is committed to improving the lives of people, and artists. Currently operating in New York City USA and Cape Town South Africa. This organization has fed over 100k meals and has a focus on training teachers. They have contributed to the development of children by teaching them how to learn and also by feeding them when they are hungry.

All the proceeds of the tickets will be donated to this 501(c) organization

During covid Stacy, my partner, and I  fundraiser 150,000 meals for people in need.


As I said, tickets for the exhibitions span between $35 to $100 on the event website. But because I am exhibiting I can offer you complimentary tickets. I am only asking for a donation of $10 to the non-profit organization (instead of paying $100). Its a win for everyone. You get to see great art and I get to keep helping lots of people in need.

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My First Art Book is Ready

My book is ready. An epic journey that chronicles 2021 and 2022. The most recent work and complete documentation of 4 collections. Full color, 50 pages, Hardcover, Worldwide shipping.
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