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How improve your wall decor with these 5 secrets

In today’s society, the house is the core of our activities and our affections. We spend every year more and more time inside it.

But, unfortunately, living in a dull house that brings no contentment makes people feel empty.

You might not be aware of this, but the reason is that decorations and art in your house play a major role in your mood. The wrong environment can make you feel “sick” while another one can create the opposite effect.

If you make light decisions about the art and decorations of your house (or you don’t at all) you might end up with an unpleasant feeling.

This means you’ll never get a real chance to really enjoy to a full degree your home unless you change something.

You are missing your best state of mind, because of it.

During 2021, over 70% of Americans,
Planned on Redecorating Their Home.

(The reasons are clear…)

It doesn’t stop here. This can extend to your family unit. A house without art, or simply not attractive can make them feel uncomfortable, impoverished, and uninspired.

You will always think, “Something is missing here” but you don’t know why.

You will start to lose interest for your home because you find yourself at an impasse.

The visual aspect of your house can make you feel

Bored, seek, angry, depressed.

The Art that you choose for your house can create the same effect, it can influence the mood of your house to a large degree.

So you will understand that art and decor play a major role in your space. I’ve put together 5 principles that can help you.

These are the designer’s tools of the trade.

99% of people don’t know these secrets.

What are the characteristics of good art for your home?

Secret #1 to get a pleasing effect…

Imagine what would be like leaving in a space that attracts you, stimulates you, and arouses your creativity.

Imagine yourself enjoying the time spent in that environment. What is the difference? It’s called Harmony.

The answer is Harmony

Harmony is the combination of simultaneously sounded colors and shapes to produce a pleasing effect.

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Secret n°2  It’s all yummy. But what flavor of ice cream should you choose?

You can’t mix lobsters and ice cream. It’s disgusting ( please say yes?)


the same way you can’t mix all the colors that you want.


What makes a place ugly? What makes a kitchen good? A lack of harmony in colors creates such a bad effect on people. Color theory is both science and art.

Colors play a major role in artwork and in an environment. Colors can arouse you and calm you down. Colors can speak to you.

You can already have colors: your walls, your floor, carpets, furniture…

How can the artwork that you hang, fit in right away?

There is a smart secret that almost nobody knows.

Choose earth colors, also called neutrals colors:
you can associate them with any other color without any problem:

white, black, beige yellow ochre), light brown, dark brown, light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green.

you can put them together almost randomly and it will be always a good result.

Want to try?

Secret n°3 It’s golden!!!

Right proportions will make you feel good as well. Imagine the major role of proportions in the human figure.

The main reason a face is pretty or not is because of the proportions of the main features.

Eyes too small, too big, etc… create beauty or ugliness.

There is a magic number that is being used to create proportions and it’s 1: 1.618

It’s called the golden ratio.

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Examples of proportions

Secret n°4 Rhythm is a dancer

Even if we are not talking about music and sound, rhythm is a core visual concept. When you create a wall art gallery, you basically are creating a horizontal rhythm.

Rhythm is a sequence of elements with or without accents.

Accent: something that is stronger (visually, or by dimension. or by color).

Columns create rhythm, and so on.

You can create rhythm with space, with colors, with styles.

A rhythm can make you feel confused, bored, and excited. Again think about the music.

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Bonus: Secret n° 5 Emphasis!

Emphasis is also referred to as a point of focus, or interruption. It marks the location in a composition which most strongly draw the viewers attention. Usually there is a primary or main point of emphasis, with perhaps a secondary emphasis in other parts of the composition.

How valuable is living in an environment that you love, and uplift you every day?

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I have created a gallery art wall that respects all these points

It will fit in every environment, it will create a nice focal point with the perfect rhythm

Check my Artwork