Alex Righetto

The Art of Rebirth – A Webinar on Alex Righetto’s Inspirational Journey. Welcome to a mesmerizing and captivating experience where art, love, and inspiration intertwine to create a masterpiece.

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Join us for an exclusive webinar that delves into the heartwarming story of Alex Righetto, a talented artist who re-emerged after a 20-year hiatus to redefine the world of art.

Discover how the power of love, embodied in Stacy and the portrait of Anastacia, ignited a personal rebirth that led Alex to find inspiration in the Renaissance era and create a reimagined masterpiece of Romeo and Juliet.


Why You Should Attend:


  • Alex Righetto's riveting journey of rediscovery, from a dormant talent to an artistic force.
  • The role of Stacy and the enigmatic portrait of Anastacia in Alex's transformation.
  • The Renaissance's influence on Alex's creativity, and how it inspired him to reinvent the timeless tale of Romeo and Juliet.
  • A fascinating look at the modern renaissance in art and how it impacts contemporary artists.


Who Should Attend:

  • Art lovers and enthusiasts seeking to learn about the power of creative rebirth.
  • Those curious about the Renaissance period and its impact on today's artistic world.
  • Fans of Romeo and Juliet who wish to explore a reimagined version of the classic love story.
  • Anyone looking for inspiration to reignite their passion and creative spirit.
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